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Adding, editing and deleting services and how to configure settings of the services.

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What is a Service?

A service is what you business provides to customers and what the customer will queue for. The services are what will be displayed in the Branch App for customers to book from. Examples: Customer service, Teller, Vehicle insurance, Bill payments, etc.

List Services

To view the list of services, Select "Services" from the Navigation menu:

The table of services below shows the name of the service, the branch it belongs to, the status of the service and the service letter. The last column in the table has 3 different action buttons, the first one is the Edit button, followed but the Duplicate button and the last one is the Delete button. To View a service details just click on the name of the service.

Adding a Service:

To add a new service you will start by clicking on "Add Service" button that is located above the services table.

There are 5 different section in the new service form, Details, Branch, Options, Booking options, Working time and Localization.

In the details section you will be defining the name of the service, the service letter and the service status.

  1. Enter Service Name.

  2. Enable or Disable the service.

  3. Select a service letter. A prefix for the ticket number (C001).

  4. Select the service status. Auto: The service will only be available for booking during working hours of the service. Open: The service is always available for booking. Closed: The service is never available for booking.

You will need to select a branch for the service you are adding in branch section.

The options section covers two main features: 1. Service options which are displayed as prompts to the customer on the Tablet and the Skiplino (Customer) app. 2. Waiting and serving times SLA.

  1. Add a service option.

  2. Enter field name (Letters only & no spaces). It will be used in the exported data.

  3. Enter the type of the input of the field. Available Types: Email, Text, Mobile and Number.

  4. Enter a Placeholder for the field.

  5. Enter a helpful description for the field to help your customers.

  6. Check the box to Enable or Disable the field on mobile (Skiplino App).

  7. Check the box to Enable or Disable the field on Tablet (Branch App).

  8. Check the box to mask the input with *.

  9. Check the box to mark the field as required. i.e. the customer has to enter data in the field to get the ticket.

  10. Click to add another field.

  11. Click to remove this field.

  12. Check the box to Enable the Waiting time SLA.

  13. Select the percentage that the waiting time should exceed to get notified. It will trigger the SLA after the waiting time exceeds the average waiting time by this percentage.

  14. Select the time that the waiting time should exceed to get notified. It will trigger the SLA once the waiting time exceeds this exact amount, the average waiting time is not considered in this option.

  15. Select the Frequency of the notifications. i.e. the duration between the SLA notifications or how often you will receive the notifications.

  16. Check the box to Enable the Serving time SLA. It has the same settings as the Waiting Time SLA.

Working time section is dedicated for the service working hours. You can select and preview the working hours for the services from the previously created working hours. See Working hours article for more details.

  1. Select working hours for the service.

The last section, Localization. You can localize your service name into multiple languages. See Localization article for more details. 

  1. Select the localization record for the service.

After filling all the details in the form make sure to hit the "Save" button to create the new service. Connected tablets to this branch will be updated to show the new service if you saved it as Active. 

Edit a Service:

To Edit a service you just have to click on the edit button on the services table. The options you see in the new service will all be available in the edit form except the branch, once you create a service you cannot change the branch of that service. In the edit form  you will get a couple of switches to manipulate where the service is available (Tablet and Mobile).

  1. Show or Hide service on Tablet.

  2. Show or Hide service on Mobile (on the Skiplino App).

You can also add Pre Booking dialog option to show for customer before booking a certain service. This dialog is useful in case you would like to show your customer a notice before booking the needed service. Furthermore, you can add “booking” and “Cancel” buttons to this dialog in order to proceed or cancel booking the service upon reading the notice message.

In addition, Edit service page contains Service Durations & Nearest Slot service options. For more details click here.

When you finish editing the branch click on the "Save" button to save your changes.

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