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How to pair TV devices and how to configure Branch TV App

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To implement Skiplino in your branch you will need a TV (Apple TV/ Android TV). You will also need to install Skiplino Branch TV on the TV.

Pairing Devices 

1- Once you install either app you will be presented with a pairing code:

2- To pair the devices, click on "Devices" from the navigation menu:

3- Then, click on the "Add Device" button:

4- In the pop up,  enter the pairing code you see in the screen of the TV or the Tablet:

5- After clicking the Add button, you will be taken to a form to configure the device settings.



After entering the pairing code of a TV, you will be able to configure the TV based on your requirements. The first section is dedicated for the device setup:

  1. Pairing code already entered in the pop-up. 

  2. Select the branch where this TV is located.

  3. The type of the paired device .

  4. Enter a proper and descriptive name for the device.

The second section will be for the TV Configurations, where you can select a layout in which the tickets are displayed on the TV and change the logo. Skiplino offers 4 different layouts: Classic, Modern, Vertical and Fullscreen. Each one of the layouts has a different set of attributes. 

Classic TV Layout

The attributes of the classic layout are shown below:

And this is how it will look like on the TV:


  1. Select a layout for the ticket to be displayed.

  2. Enter the column header of the Desk column <C>.

  3. Enter the column header of the Ticket column <D>.

  4. Enter the column header of the Service column <E>.

  5. Show or Hide title <B>.

  6. Enter the title (You can enter the name of your branch or a slogan).

  7. Click on "Use Default" to use "Company name - Branch name" as a title

  8. Show or Hide the logo <A>.

  9. Enter a URL of the logo.

  10. Click on "Change logo" to preview the logo entered in step 8.

  11. Show or hide the news bar <F>.

  12. Select the the direction in which the text will be moving (RTL or LRT).

  13. Enter a text that will be shown in the news bar 1.

  14. Enter a text that will be shown in the news bar 2.


Modern TV Layout:

The modern TV Layout adds a number of extra attributes to the ones mentioned under the Classic Layout.

And this how it will look like with the setup shown in above:


  1. Enable or Disable the clock <A>.

  2. Select the time format of the clock.

  3. Enable Current Ticket <B>.

  4. Enable or Disable Video <C>.

  5. Enter the URL of the video.

  6. Click on "Validate Video" to preview the video.

  7. Enable or Disable Screensaver.

  8. Enter the URL of the video of the screensaver.

  9. Click on "Validate Video" to preview the video of the screensaver.

  10. Enter the idle time needed to start the screensaver (in minutes).


Modern TV Layout  -  Video OFF & Current Ticket OFF:

Modern TV Layout  - Video OFF & Current Ticket ON:

Modern TV Layout -  Video ON & Current Ticket OFF:

Modern TV Layout -  Video ON & Current Ticket ON:

Vertical TV Layout:
It is used for vertical screen it gives the advantage of showing more ticket in one page relative to the Regular Modern TV Layout and the Classic TV layout.

Fullscreen TV Layout:
If you go with this layout the whole screen will be utilized to display a video of your choosing.

Last Step

The last to finalize the pairing process is to click in the "Pair Device" button at the bottom of the page, once you click on the button you see the changes on the TV.

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