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How to pair Tablet devices and how to configure Branch App

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To implement Skiplino in your branch you will need a tablet (iPad/Android Tablet). You will also need to install Skiplino Branch on the tablet.

Pairing Devices 

1- Once you install either app you will be presented with a pairing code:

2- To pair the devices, click on "Devices" from the navigation menu:

3- Then, click on the "Add Device" button:

4- In the pop up,  enter the pairing code you see in the screen of the TV or the Tablet:

5- After clicking the Add button, you will be taken to a form to configure the device settings.



The tablet can be either a walk-in app or a desk app. The configurations of the Tablet are different from the TV. after pairing a tablet you will be presented with the following:

  1. Pairing code already entered in the pop-up. 

  2. Select the branch where this Tablet is located.

  3. The type of the paired device.

  4. Enter a proper and descriptive name for the device.

  5. Select the App type (Walk-in/Desk)

There are two values for the App Type (Walk-in and Desk).

Walk-in App

The walk-in is used to display the list of the services available at your branch for your customers to book their tickets. 


  1. Enter the duration that the ticket pop up will be dismissed after (in seconds) <A>.

  2. Enable or Disable the Title.

  3. Enter the title (You can enter the name of your branch or a slogan) <B>.

  4. Click on "Use Default" to use "Company name - Branch name" as a title.

  5. Show or Hide the logo <A>.

  6. Enter a URL of the logo.

  7. Click on "Change logo" to preview the logo entered in step 6.


Desk App

The Desk app is used to display the current ticket at a specific desk. It also allows the customer to rate and share their feedback after being served by your agents.


  1. Enter the label of the desk <A>.

  2. Show or Hide the desk label.

  3. Enter the label of the ticket <B>.

  4. Show or Hide the ticket label.

  5. Use this device to display tickets of All Desks.

  6. Select the desks which will be displayed (at a time) for this tablet. i.e, if a ticket is called by desk 1, the tablet will display desk 1 and the ticket number. if another desk (desk 3) calls a ticket teh tablet will display desk 3 and the ticket number.

  7. Enable or Disable the idle message.

  8. Enter the idle message.

  9. Select the direction of the Idle message (RTL/LTR). i.e. in which direction will the message scroll on the tablet left to right or right to left.

  10.  Enter the duration after which the idle message will be displayed (in minutes).

  11. Enable or Disable feedback <C>.

  12. Enter the feedback delay (in seconds). The period to wait after the ticket is served.

Last Step

The last to finalize the pairing process is to click in the "Pair Device" button at the bottom of the page, once you click on the button you see the changes on the TV.

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