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Components: Branches

Adding, editing and deleting branches and how to configure settings of the branches.

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In Skiplino a Branch is the physical location of your business. For example: If your business is a bank then your branches are the locations of your campuses.

List Branches

To view the list of Branches, Select "Branches" from the Navigation menu:

The table of branches below shows the name of the branches and the status of each branch. The desks column has a button to take you to the list of desks in that branch. The last column in the table has 3 different action buttons, the first one is the Edit button, followed but the Duplicate button and the last one is the Delete button. To View a branch details just click on the name of the branch.

Adding a Branch:

To add a new branch you will start by clicking on "Add Branch" button that is located above the branches table.

You will be taken to a form that has 4 sections: The branch details, Waiting time SLA, Working hours and the branch location. 

In the first section you will need to provide the basic information about your branch.

1. Enter the branch name.

2. Select the Group of Branch.

3. Select the number of desks at the branch. You can add more or delete desks afterward.

4. Enter the code of the branch (This will help you easily identify your branch in reporting module).

5. Enter the branch tags (This will help easily group multiple branches to filter the data in the reports, and for creating panels under live report)

6. Activate of Deactivate the branch.

7. Show or hide the branch on mobile. Show the branch on the mobile (Skiplino App) for customer to book tickets.

8. Check the box to rename the queue name and service that will be created under this branch.

9. Enter the name of the service that will be under this branch.

The options section is where you can setup the branch waiting time SLA

  1. Check the box to Enable the Waiting time SLA for the branch.

  2. Select the percentage that the waiting time should exceed to get notified. It will trigger the SLA after the waiting time exceeds the average waiting time by this percentage.

  3. Select the time that the waiting time should exceed to get notified. It will trigger the SLA once the waiting time exceeds this exact amount, the average waiting time is not considered in this option.

  4. Select the Frequency of the notifications. i.e. the duration between the SLA notifications or how often you will receive the notifications.

Then you get to the Working Time section where you can select and preview the working hours for the branch. See Working hours article for more details.

  1. Select working hours for the branch.

The last section has to do with the location of your branch. The location you choose will be shown to the Skiplino app users to locate your branch on the map and book tickets to queue for services in that branch.

  1. Enter the branch name that will be displayed to the customer on mobile (Skiplino app).

  2. Enter a location to search for in the map.

  3. Drag the pin to locate your branch on the map.

After you finish filling up the form click on the "Add" button at the bottom of the page.

Edit a Branch:

When you edit a branch you will have a new section called settings which is dedicated for the devices. The Printer, SMS and Email settings are for the Tablets (Skiplino Branch App) while the Screen Options are for the TV (Skiplino Branch TV App) . If you have the Advanced mode turn ON you will see those settings under the Queue instead.

  1. Enable or Disable the option of printing the ticket. If It is enabled the printing option will be available on the Tablet (Skiplino Branch App) for customers to print their tickets.

  2. Enable or Disable Auto-print. On Skiplino Branch App the ticket will be automatically printed without the need for the customer to click on the print button.

  3. Select the Printer model connected to the Tablet.

  4. Select the paper size of the printed ticket.

  5. Select the printed ticket rotation. Depending on the placement of the printer you might want to rotate the printed ticket to be upright and not upside-down.   

  6. Enable or Disable the Announcer. Enables the voice of the announcer that calls the tickets on the TV (Skiplino Branch TV app) . Announcer: "Ticket number C001 go to desk 5".

  7. Enable or Disable the sound. Enables the bell/chime sound on the TV (Skiplino Branch TV app) before the announcer. 

  8. Enable or Disable SMS. Enables the SMS option on the Tablet (Skiplino Branch App) for customers to get their ticket via SMS.

  9. Enable or Disable Email. Enables the Email option on the Tablet (Skiplino Branch App) for customers to get their ticket via Email.

Once you finish editing the branch, click on the "Save" button to save your changes.

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