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Adding, editing and deleting Desks and how to configure services priorities.

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What is a Desk?

In Skiplino a desk is assigned a number of services with configurable priority. The desk then can be assigned to a user. The agent is able to switch desks within the same branch. It is a convenient and flexible way of assigning services to users.

View and configure Desks:

In order to view the list of desks of a barch you need to navigate to Branches from the Navigation menu:

From the table, click on the desks icon of the desired branch:

On the left side of the page you will see a list of all the desks under the selected branch:

Select a desk from the list and you will see the corresponding details on the right side of the page:

  1. Selected desk.

  2. Desk name. Used in the announcement on the TV.

  3. Desk label. Descriptive label to distinguish between desks, it is not used in the TV announcement. 

  4. Desk status. If deactivated it will not be shown to the agents to select.

  5. Service Priority. Enter a number or use the slide bar to indicate the priority of that service over the others on the list.

  6. Enable or disable the service for this desk. If enabled the agent selecting this desk will be able to serve tickets of this service. As shown above Desk 1 is not able to serve VIP services.

  7. Save. Save the changes you made on the desk settings.

  8. Delete the desk.

  9. Add a new desk. if you add a new desk you will have to set it up as  described in steps 2 through 7.

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