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Appointment Booking Through Skiplino Mobile App

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Mobile Appointment Booking allows customers to book their appointments and queueing tickets through Skiplino Mobile App. 

To enable this feature please follow the steps below:   

  1. Go to “Services” on the portal. 

   2. Choose a service and click “Edit”.

3. Scroll down to “Appointments” and click “Enable” to activate the Mobile Appointment Booking feature. Customers will require to fill the required fields:  

  • Scheduling: Select a timeframe for appointment bookings to allow customers to choose from. 

     - Daily: For same day options
     - Weekly: For end of current week options
     - Monthly: For end of current month options
     - Yearly: for end of year options 

  • Duration Minute: Specify the duration time between appointment slot options, which are distributed based on working hours.  

  • Available slots per duration: Specify how many tickets can be booked at a duration time. 

By default the appointments open for booking at 12:00 AM, but you have also the option to open the appointments at specific time using “Open appointment at” option. When enabling this option, appointments will open for booking at the selected time.

4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Save” to save your preferences.  

Please find below reference screenshots to the appointment booking feature on the Skiplino Mobile App. 

  1. Customers will select a service and choose a preferred date. 

   2. Customers will choose the appointment date from the available time slots and click on “Book” to generate queuing ticket.





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