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“Tags” are used to group multiple items from the same category such as “Group of Branches”, “Branches”, “Queues” or “Services”.

Tags are useful for reporting, where you can group items to view performance based on the region, you can also filter the reports based on a tag.

You can create your custom tags in the following pages: 

1- Add/Edit Group of Branches 

2- Add/Edit Branch 

3- Add/Edit Queues 

4- Add/Edit Services

Type the tag name and click “enter”. You can select the tags also from the “autocomplete menu” if you have already saved your tags for another item, then click “save” to save your preferences.  

  • New tags 

  • Selection from autocomplete 

The below images display how to add tags to the ‘’Analytics and Live” reports. 

You can apply the predefined tags on the “Live” report page. 

You can view the live report of specific “Group of Branches”, “Branches”, “Queues” or “Services” by using the appropriate tags in this page.  

Click on “Add panel” to add a new panel to the same page. Select the tags for this panel under specific “Group of Branches”, “Branches”, “Queues” or “Services” 

Below is image to display the Tags input field in the “Live” report page.



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