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Default and Custom Roles and Permissions Management

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You must always sign a role to the users you add (Admin, Branch Manager, Agent).

Permissions for Admin, Branch Manager and Agent.   

  • The Admin will have full access to all sections, and all the branches under the account.  

  • The Branch Manager will have access to all sections for their branch only.  

  • The Agent will only access the tickets page of their branch to call customers.  

Roles and Permissions are also customizable. You can add custom roles and give them specific permissions and access levels. For example, if you want to add a user to handle the reports only, you can create a custom role for this user and assign it to them. Please follow the steps below.  

  1. Go to “Users”.

  2. Click on “Roles and Permissions”. 

  3. Click on ‘+’ icon. 

  4. Name the Role. 

  5. Choose the preferred “Permissions”. 

  6. Click on “Save”.  







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