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Live Dashboard
Live Dashboard

Live Branches and Services Statistics

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“Live Dashboard” main page enables administrators to monitor live data streaming across their branches. 

To view the live dashboard main page, click on “Reports” on the left sidebar. 

1-  Click on “Live”. 

2- From the filters, select “Group of branches” and “branches”.  

3- Select “Panel” or “Table” to view the page.

4- Click “Apply”.

1. “Panel” view: 

The page will display live statistics, such as Average waiting time, Average serving time, Total tickets, Total walk-ins, Total served, Total completed, Total absent, Open desks and Total mobile.  

A table is also available to view the same details for the branches.  

You can create multiple new customized panels for the live page by clicking “Add panel”

Type the panel name, select tags (to display data for group of branches, group of queues or group of services) and select a threshold SLA for average serving and average waiting time. This option will inform you if the average waiting and average serving times are within the threshold, which will give you a clearer view of the agents and branches’ performances. 

You can select which attribute to be displayed in the customized panel by selecting the attributes under ‘’Report types to show’’.  

You can also set the average waiting and average serving time SLA for the default panel from the “Configuration” page. This will also inform you if the average waiting and average serving times are within the threshold for the live default panel.

2. “Table” view:  




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