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Media Campaigns, Image and video advertisements

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To add a campaign, please follow the Steps Below:

  1. Go to ‘Digital Signage’ section on the portal.  

  2. Click ‘Add New Campaign’

  3. Fill the required fields under ‘Details’

  4. Fill the required fields under ‘Options’

  5. Choose the duration for the campaign. 

  6. Choose to target specific devices or ‘All devices’ in selected branches. 

  7. Click ‘Update’ to save your preferences.

  8. Go to 'Devices’> edit device and make sure you have chosen a layout option with media  

*This is a paid feature, and you will need to buy devices before you can run an adv.

It is recommended that video size will be maximum of 15 MB. This is to reduce the video load time and to have the best optimal video quality.


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