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Using our Forms feature, you allow your customers to fill applications before reaching the branch for their conformed appointment booked via Skiplino Mobile Application, a tool that will prevent serving and waiting time in your branches. 

Go to ‘Services’ on the portal and click ‘Forms’.
Click “Add New Form”.

Fill all the required fields under “Form setup”. 

Name the form and select the duration for information storage in the “Form Data Retention days”. You can also drag and upload PDF forms from your desktop. The uploaded PDF form must be an interactive, easy to fill, and not larger than 5MB. 

After dragging and uploading the PDF form, select the fields you require to display before finalizing the booking on Skiplino Mobile App then click “Next”.

On the next page, fill all the required fields or select the “Use default fields” to enable auto-filling on the Skiplino Mobile App. This option will enable sending email/SMS notifications to all your customer.  

Scroll to the end of the page and click “save”. 

Assign the form to a specific service.  

On the main “Services” field, click “Edit” to edit the service to the assign form, then click “Options”, then “Select Form” to choose the required form, then click “Save”.

The below images show how the forms will appear on Skiplino Mobile App after selecting the service prior to making an appointment booking.  


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