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Appointments helps you manage the crowds and control the number of customers available at your location at a time. Customers can book remotely through the Skiplino mobile application or through your agents when calling your business directly. Appointments makes the process even easier for agents to arrange their daily schedules and manage it more efficiently.

How to set up the time slots:

  1. Go to “Services” on the portal.

  2. Choose a service and click on “Edit”.

  3. Follow the steps in ( to setup your appointment.

  4. Choose closed dates for your location (i.e special occasions where you have a holiday).

  5. Tick on “Recurring” if the dates are repeated annually.

  6. Click “Confirm”.

To view the current appointments, do the following:

  1. Click on “Appointments” from the sidebar.

  2. Select the location and services from the filter menu.

  3. Click “Apply”.

On this page, you can do the following:

  1. Filter the schedule based on appointment status, desk, and search for a ticket.

  2. View the schedule per selected day and choose a view to show appointments in day, week, work week, month, or agenda views. In addition, hovering over the color bars will show the details for each appointment record.

  3. View the current waiting and upcoming appointments for the day on the side bar and call tickets by clicking on the green arrow.

After calling the customer’s ticket, you can view the appointment information, recall the ticket, or mark the appointment as (Done, or No-show) or put the ticket status as “waiting”, to call it again later.

From the settings, you can change the orientation of the appointments schedule screen, time format, default view, and enabling/disabling the display of the working hours within the schedule table.

To book a new appointment on behalf of your customers, do the following:

  1. Click on “New appointment” button on top of the page, or click from the schedule table a date and a time to auto-fill the time.

  2. Fill in the customer’s phone number details, select the appointment’s date, the service, and the appointment’s. On the same window, you can add private notes for each appointment, which will be available upon calling the ticket.

If your customers have the Skiplino app installed on their mobile devices, they will be notified via the app push notifications that a new appointment was scheduled for them. If the customers do not have the Skiplino app installed, they will get an SMS notification informing them about the appointment details and including Skiplino installation link.

Agents can cancel or update appointment timings, and customers will get notified via SMS or push notification of the updates. To do that, click on “view” icon on the appointment.

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