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Virtual Location

Virtual queuing and video calling

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Skiplino offers businesses the ability to manage queues and services without the need for customers to come to a physical location. Using the Virtual Location plan, customers will be able to queue virtually from the Skiplino Mobile app and get served via a video call with the agent, in just a click of a button using either the Skiplino web portal, or the Skiplino Admin mobile application.

After signing up for the Virtual Location plan, you can use the normal QMS mobile booking feature offering automated time slots based on real time data or you can enable the appointments option at services level to manage the time slots from your side. To do that please check this document link.

You can manage the duration of the video call by following the steps below:

1. Scroll down to Virtual call.

2. Specify the Maximum duration of virtual call in minutes.

3- Click “Save” on the bottom of the page.

Agents can start video calling their customers from the ticket page, appointment page, and from Skiplino Admin mobile application.

The below image shows the agent’s interface of video chat interaction window between him and the customer from the appointments page.

In order to initiate a video call, the agent must clicks on the camera icon, and the customer must have the Skiplino mobile application downloaded and installed on their mobile phones.

Video calls can be handled also from the ordinary ticket page (link to doc).

To start calling tickets, click on “Tickets” from the dashboard.      

When using the tickets page:

After calling a ticket:

  1. START VIDEO CALL option will be displayed

  2. Click on it to start the video call

3. The Agent will see their image

4. User will be notified to accept the call

5. By clicking on answer, the video call will start and the agent will be able to see the customer and give the full service through the video call.

6. The agent can click on end video to end the call

7. Then click on next to call the next ticket or “Done "to close the current ticket without calling the next.

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